Helping Leaders “Have it All”=Helping People=Helping Business

Jenna Cooley Coaching is about helping leaders “have it all”. To have it all doesn’t mean to have perfection, it means to have satisfaction.  When we are satisfied as leaders, we not only lead our lives, careers and businesses more effectively, we motivate and influence everyone in our lives to lead their own lives and careers confidently and successfully.

When we recognize as leaders that our employees’ personal satisfaction is essential to their professional satisfaction (which is imperative to employee engagement and productivity) we invest in people. This approach  helps people and it boosts our bottom line!

Jenna Cooley brings her mission of  “helping leaders have it all” to every individual leader she coaches and every audience she trains.  Her unique and holistic approach to leadership development brings a fresh perspective to training and development.

Jenna’s extensive training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, her certification as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation,  her partnerships with some of the nation’s leading business coaches, as well as her M.Ed. in Counseling, have prepared Jenna to identify with and relate to leaders across many industries.  Jenna’s uniquely energetic and passionate approach to coaching and facilitation both inspire and empower her clients and audiences.

Jenna is passionate about her audiences walking away with not just a folder of contents to be shelved and forgotten, but rather with a renewed energy and enthusiasm supported by rich, results-proven information and knowledge!

We welcome you to explore Jenna’s various offerings and consider how one of these titles, or another workshop or training customized specifically to your organization, can benefit every level of leader across your business!

Please take a look at our Workshops/Trainings page, or contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Jenna Cooley Coaching